March Newsletter

Lisa Advisors is extremely delighted and honored to share the latest news and achievements of our Sephardic Jewish cause activities:

1.The first Sephardic-Jew, worldwide, to receive his Spanish citizenship utilizing the new law, was officially recognized by the Spanish authorities.

On December 18th 2015 our client, MA, became the world’s first Sephardic-Jew to obtain his Spanish citizenship, based on the new law. This historical event gained the blessing and recognition of the Jewish Federation in Spain, who also gave our client the title of “a historical figure” and later interviewed him to the Federation’s official radio station: Radio Sefarad.


 1.1_firstcitz  1.2_groupshot
Pictures of MA, our client and the first in the world, to receive his Spanish Citizenship, at the Notary’s office in Spain. December 2015.
Photo: Lisa Advisors


2. Congratulations to N.D on receiving the official certificate for her Portuguese citizenship.

N.D received an official certificate from the Portuguese authorities granting her the right for a Portuguese citizenship as a Sephardic-Jew, based on the newly approved Portuguese law.

N.D with the official letter granting her the right to her Portuguese citizenship, January 2016
Photo: Lisa Advisors

3. Congratulations to D.I on receiving his Spanish citizenship as a Sephardic-Jew. Mazal Tov

Pictures from the emotional ceremony at the notary’s office in Spain ,where D.I received his Spanish citizenship. February 2016.
Photo: Lisa Advisors

4. Congratulations to S.A on receiving her Spanish citizenship as a Sephardic-Jew. Mazal Tov

4.1_atthetable 4.2_group
Pictures from the moving ceremony at the notary’s office in Spain where S.A received her Spanish citizenship. February 2016.
Photo: Lisa Advisors

5. Special congratulations to J.C on receiving his Spanish citizenship as a Sephardic-Jew.

J.C made his 20-year-old dream come true and in honor of his Ladino-speaking grandmother he received his Spanish citizenship.

5.1_signing 5.2_group
Pictures of J.C receiving his spanish citizneship at the notary’s office in Spain. February 2016.   Photo: Lisa Advisors

About Lisa Advisors:

Lisa Advisors was founded by two sisters Maya and Noa Dori and is named after their beloved Sephardic grandmother, Lisa Romano.

Lisa Advisors was founded as a vehicle to fulfill Maya and Noa’s lifetime’s mission to celebrate, unify and share their love and knowledge about the Spanish Jewish culture and their fascinating family history, and through that help the Sephardic Jewish community with the process of receiving their Spanish and Portuguese Citizenships.

Maya Dori is a Sephardic lawyer, based in Spain, who received her Spanish citizenship several years ago after a long battle with the Spanish authorities during which she proved that her family fled from Toledo, Spain in 1492. Maya holds an L.L.B from the Tel Aviv University, an MBA from IESE business school, an MA (cum lauda) in Economics and is currently completing her PhD.

Noa Dori is an acclaimed world music artist and a Jewish educator, based in the U.S and she is the director of Lisa advisors Sephardic Cultural Venture.

For additional information, please contact Lisa Advisors at:, Like follow @lisaadvisors

Client Testimonial From Carlos

Carlos is holding very rare items from 1492 that his Spanish Grandmother left him, amongst these rare items are the key to their house in Spain and antique silver spoon collection they used when lived in Spain.

“I’m  so  excited,  you  made  my  day. I  thank  you  for  giving  me  the hope  to bring my  family  the Sephardic dignity. I  have  tears  in  my eyes,  but  tears  of joy  and  happiness, and as I hold  this old rusted key in my hands  I  finally found  the  meaning, the  message and  the  power  of  our  Tribe.  God  bless you all  for  your dedication  and  for looking  after  us,  thank  you  so  much.”







Maya Dori interviewing our client Carlos
Maya Dori interviewing our client Carlos