Cultural Events

Lisa Advisors promotes and cherishes the Sephardic culture through Sephardic and Ladino cultural events around the world.

Lisa Advisors has created a unique format called “Tardes Magicas de Ladino”®/”Magical Ladino Nights”®  to promote and celebrate our Sephardic culture. Through laughter and tears we share our family story, a story of the many lost sons and daughters of Sepharad, and sing beautiful Ladino music.

Lisa Advisors is blessed to have several amazing collaborators for its magical evenings:

Maya Dori is Lisa’s granddaughter and a Sephardic lawyer, based in Spain. Maya holds an MBA and is completing her PhD these days. Maya is a keynote speaker who shares, in a compelling way her stories and memories of growing up as a Sephardic granddaughter to their Grandma, Lisa Romano.

Noa Dori is Lisa’s granddaughter. Noa holds a BA in Music and is an acclaimed international singer and an active Jewish educator. Noa was honored with the title ‘The Voice Of Israel’ by The Israeli Embassy and was described in the news as:“A New Star Is Born…” The Toronto Star,  “Noa Dori Is A Force To Be Reckon With…” Yediot Aharonot (Israeli leading magazine), “Noa Dori Is Going All The Way To The Top..” The Jewish Journal, “This Angel Voice Will Penetrate Your Heart And Leave You Speechless…” LA Times, “She’ll Leave You Begging For More…” Backstage Magazine.

Fredy Schiftan grew up in Honduras, as a Jewish boy, and made ‘Aliyah’ to join the IDF at 18 years old. His magical guitar fills the stage with beautiful flamenco music while filling our hearts with joy. Fredy is a leading guitarist, who received rave reviews for his world wide appearances.

Would you like to have a taste of Lisa Advisors´ “Tardes Magicas de Ladino”®/”Magical Ladino Nights”® ?

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Reviews following our “Tardes Magicas de Ladino”® event:

The JERUSALEM POST on Lisa Advisors show at the exlusive top Israeli-American leaders event in Los Angesles, USA on the 22nd of November 2015:

Emceed by Palmira Perez, with the impeccable singing of Ladino and Hebrew songs, by Noa Dori, food galore and stories by Noa’s sister Maya Dori about the Spanish Jewish community that was expelled from Spain in 1492, Israel place in 21st century world was defined.

Reviews from Lisa Advisors Tardes magicas de Ladino in Beverly Hills, USA, January 2015:

“Thank you for providing the music and a history of the events in Spain in 1492. It was fascinating and informative…I am recently retired and have planned to trace the family tree…Hopefully in the not too distant future I will be able to use your services.”  J.A

Querida nieta de Lisa,

Disfrute ahier con mucho gusto tu cuenta de los judios de Sepharad. La voz de tu hermana, las palabras de su cantos y el sonido de la guitara flamenca me ayudaron a revivir unos buenos y malos momentos de la vida judía en España. Visitare pronto tu web sitio para descubrir noticias sobre tu actividad en la comunidad sepharda y tambien espero a una nuevas reuniones musicales. 

Muchas gracias y Shabat Shalom” S.V