Spanish and Portuguese Citizenships

Spanish and Portuguese Citizenships for the Sephardis

Having Sepharadic roots? you came to the right place to claim your right of return!

2015 will be remembered as a historical year when both Iberian countries, Spain and Portugal, looked back into their past in search of what happened to  their beloved Jews, whom until five centuries ago were an integral and important part of their society, culture end economy.

As a unique law, Spain an Portugal are now offering a right of return to the descendants of the Jews who lived in the Iberian peninsula.

The right of return is now granted through full Spanish or Portuguese citizenships allowing the applicant the possibility of living in these beautiful countries and to invest, work, travel and study in all of the 28 European union countries.

The two laws of the Sephardim’s right-of-return enhance the need to be working with an experienced and knowledgeable Sephardi immigration specialists who are experts in this unique issue and process, with both personal and professional experience as well as knowledge of the legal framework and the new special procedures established by the new laws. All in order help bridge 520 years of family history with the rigid procedural requirements of the laws.

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About Lisa Advisors:

Founded in honor of our late and beloved Sephardic grandmother, Lisa Advisors is an international immigration consultancy firm with offices in Spain, Israel and the US and engages the unparalleled expertise of lawyers and consultants that allow us to give the personal and professional experience our clients deserve while processing their Spanish and Portuguese citizenship applications.

Having offices in these countries allows us to give an excellent service headed by a result oriented team and an intimate, case-by-case attention to our clients throughout the entire application process. Our branches ensure that the applications that are submitted on behalf of our clients are being followed and monitored closely by us at all times.

In addition, having global offices provides us the ability to locate original documents necessary for the application of Sephardic Jews from Morocco, Turkey and other countries.

A 400 years old Hanukia

A 400 years old Hanukia from Morocco at the inauguration of the Lisa Advisors project in Hanukah 2012